Conversational Learning

Primer is a new learning medium that relies on interactive conversations to facilitate effective learning.

Review Friendly

Have a habit of quitting courses midway ?

Primer is designed to be review-centric to help you resume from your last completed section and review completed courses.

Generates Personalised Book

Tired of pausing the lecture video to take notes?

Automatically compile notes from your interaction with Primer and download in the form of a PDF.

Spaced Repetition

Want to remember what you have learnt for a long time ?

Primer has in-built Spaced-Repitition and Incremental Reading techniques to help you retain for a longer period.

Prompts for note-taking

Welcome, it's great to have you here. We know that first impressions are important, so we've populated your new site with some initial getting started posts that will help you get familiar with everything in no time.

Question Pool

Want to continue learning more about the course even after its completion ?

Primer Courses have an ever-increasing list of questions for you to test your understanding in the long term.

Primer Books

Want to read Primer course content without signing up ?

All Primer Courses have their content available online for anyone to study for free.


Rolling release from November 2021
  • Python
  • Mathematics Upcoming
  • Machine Learning Upcoming
  • Introduction to Programming Upcoming
  • Algorithms & Data Structures Upcoming
  • Deep Learning Upcoming
  • Reinforcement Learning Upcoming
  • Computer Architecture Upcoming
  • Operating Systems Upcoming
  • Databases Upcoming
  • Languages and Compilers Upcoming
  • Artificial Intelligence Upcoming
  • Distributed Systems Upcoming
  • Computer Graphics Upcoming
  • Cryptography Upcoming
  • Computer Vision Upcoming
  • Natural Language Processing Upcoming
  • Computer Networking Upcoming


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