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I am Siddharth, creator of Primer, a conversational learning medium designed to help you learn better.

Books have been around for a long time because they provide value that no other medium can provide. We have rethought how books ought to work in the 21st century and created books that talk. Books that you will complete.

Learning on your own is difficult. Think of Primer as your learning companion to help you learn subjects that were previously only possible by enrolling into an university.

You don't have to take my words for it. Go for a test-drive with our newly released conversational Python-1 Primer course.

Interested to learn more? Read our introductory blog post.

Recent Course Release


Every course on Primer has a corresponding online book for free. Interested in just checking out the course content? Checkout Python-I book here.


Conversational Learning

Primer is a new learning medium that relies on interactive conversations to facilitate effective learning.

Review Friendly

Have a habit of quitting courses midway ?

Primer is designed to be review-centric to help you resume from your last completed section and review completed courses.

Generates Personalized Book

Tired of pausing the lecture video to take notes?

Automatically compile notes from your interaction with Primer and download in the form of a PDF.

Retention Score

Want to remember what you have learnt for a long time ?

Primer has retention score to help you keep track of your reviews. Primer also has in-built Spaced-Repitition and Incremental Reading techniques to help you retain for a longer period.

Prompts for note-taking

Want to frame better notes and questions?

Primer has note-taking activities and question prompt to help you create better notes and questions.

Learning Assessment

Want to keep track of how well you have learned certain topics?

Primer Courses have learning objectives which you can rate according to your learning experience.

Primer Books

Want to read Primer course content without signing up ?

All Primer Courses have their content available online for anyone to study for free.

Primer CS Degree

Rolling release from November 2021

Introducing Primer CS Degree, a set of 46 courses that are designed to help you learn computer science in depth.

The courses will start getting released on a rolling basis from Novemeber 2021 till Late December 2022.

Self-taught programmers, people working in tech, or just about anyone who is interested in Computer Science will find these courses useful.

  • Python 1 Course Released
  • Mathematics Upcoming
  • Machine Learning Upcoming
  • Introduction to Programming Upcoming
  • Algorithms & Data Structures Upcoming
  • Deep Learning Upcoming
  • Reinforcement Learning Upcoming
  • Computer Architecture Upcoming
  • Operating Systems Upcoming
  • Databases Upcoming
  • Languages and Compilers Upcoming
  • Artificial Intelligence Upcoming
  • Distributed Systems Upcoming
  • Computer Graphics Upcoming
  • Cryptography Upcoming
  • Computer Vision Upcoming
  • Natural Language Processing Upcoming
  • Computer Networking Upcoming

Early Believer Pricing

Early Believer #29

Pre-order 46 conversational courses on Computer Science to become an Early Believer.

Courses will start getting released from November 2021 and will continue till December 2022

Fervently Anticipated Questions

  1. Will I be conferrred with an actual degree after completing all 46 course?
  2. Unfortunately no. The term degree is used as a collection of courses only. We are not accredited to confer degrees.
  3. Will completing Primer CS Degree help me get a job?
  4. Someone once said to me that people who are capable of doing difficult things will be never go unemployed for a long time. Our hope in creating Primer is to enable you to do "difficult things". And our wish is that being able to do difficult things takes you to interesting places.
  5. So, will I be able to learn computer science within a year?
  6. Well, its true that we are trying to release 46 courses on Computer Science in a year. However, that doesn't mean you will be able to finish all of them and understand completely. You have to think of courses on Primer (that you finish) as unfinished projects, something that you revisit again and again to really complete them. Primer Platform is designed to help you learn on your own and it's takes time to learn on your own. There are no particular advantages in hurrying.
  7. Are Primer courses equivalent to books?
  8. Primer Courses are primers rather than actual books on a subject. Books tends to be extensive about the subject while primers are brief and deep just enough for learners interest.
  9. Are there refunds on Pre-orders?
  10. Unfortunately no.
  11. Best way to contact?
  12. Mail at mail[at]primerlabs.io

From our Blog

Introducing Primer

Let me ask you a question. Given two options of learning from a book which one of the following two options you would prefer: a) Reading a book or b) Having a conversation with the book
Introducing Primer
What if, books could talk?
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