Features at Glance

Conversational Learning

Primer is a new learning medium that relies on interactive conversations to facilitate effective learning.

Review Friendly

Have a habit of quitting courses midway ?

Primer is designed to be review-centric to help you resume from your last completed section and review completed courses.

Generates Personalized Book

Tired of pausing the lecture video to take notes?

Automatically compile notes from your interaction with Primer and download in the form of a PDF.

Retention Score

Want to remember what you have learnt for a long time ?

Primer has retention score to help you keep track of your reviews. Primer also has in-built Spaced-Repitition and Incremental Reading techniques to help you retain for a longer period.

Prompts for note-taking

Want to frame better notes and questions?

Primer has note-taking activities and question prompt to help you create better notes and questions.

Learning Assessment

Want to keep track of how well you have learned certain topics?

Primer Courses have learning objectives which you can rate according to your learning experience.

Primer Books

Want to read Primer course content without signing up ?

All Primer Courses have their content available online for anyone to study for free.
What if, books could talk?
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